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Originally Posted by Shroombie View Post
Decide to create own faction. One with a cool name.
You give heavy consideration to making your own order, at least for now. The existing orders are all well and good, but the Highborne and Priestesses were around when everything fell to ruin in the first place, and you're not sure if you trust the druids just yet, despite Malfurion's good intentions.

But what to call it? Order of the Moonspear? Tad arrogant to name it after yourself when you haven't done anything yet. Plus you can't refound the Moonguard since you were never really a member.

You decide to hold off on picking a name once you've hammered out some more of the basics, like what the goals, needs, and values of the order will be.

Originally Posted by Anansi View Post
Name faction "The Golden Spring."

You contemplate this name before dismissing it, you never looked good in gold after all.
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