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Originally Posted by Kir the Wizard View Post
Flaunting your magic will get you killed by Furion's laws. Try to share your gift with the refugees and make a secret society of magic-users.

EDIT: Alternative: try to make a petitioners movement and head a delegation to Furion asking for people's currency to be traded for the goods needed for survival. If he's heading a revolution he should damn well know that he takes a great responsibility for the population's resources and all that. We need a GUARANTEE that our money will be useable, and get appropriate compensation if it isn't!
It's only been a few days since the explosion of the well, you can't think of any laws that would have you killed for using magic yet, even if it is tremendously unpopular. You do worry things could go that way pretty soon though.

On the other hand the Druids and priestesses are already distributing what goods they can find or produce, talking about money to Malfurion might not be a bad idea, but there isn't much in the way of goods to trade just yet.

Plus, you know practically nothing about economics.

You do decide to dismiss Hydrian to be on the safe side, but frankly the last thing anyone needs right now is an angry mob griping about money, I mean really who wants to be that guy, that guy who starts something like that. Nothing good ever happens to that guy.

You approach the refugee camp.

There's a few rows of tents, with a few larger ones in the middle, plus a mixture of blankets and rugs laid out along with makeshift shelters made from tree branches and the like.

Plus a shaped-tree building a little off to the middle-right row beside a clean white tent. You take that to be where the Druids and Priestesses have set up.

A more colorful blue and orange tent towards the edge of the camp, you guess that must be where the Highborne are, or at least someone with some dyes.


Originally Posted by Anansi View Post
Only you can prevent forest fires.
Many citizens were killed in demonic fires as their homes burned, you decide that regardless of what happens you will make a loveable water elemental mascot for a fire-fighting group at some point, it's the least you can do.
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