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Originally Posted by Kir the Wizard View Post
A pleasure to help. With must keep united in these harsh times. Ask the group to tell everyone that if they need any help, they should ask for us.

Ask the druid about their current relations with the highborne and how they feel about living together as the refugees.
"It was my pleasure Berilos, if your family ever needs help please feel free to send for me."

He smiles and gives you a hearty handshake. "I certainly will, though the young lady is just a traveling companion, we met her on the way here... Hmm, where did she go?" he glances around but she seems to have wandered off. Odd.

"Hm, she must've gotten bored waiting in line, or perhaps she was lucky enough to see someone she recognized." you make a mental note to keep an eye out for her before turning back to the druid.

"Pardon me a moment, but I was wondering if you'd seen any of the Highborne around, I imagine things must be a bit rough between you and them right now."

"Well I... Oh one moment." The druid frowns a bit, motioning for you to stand off to the side as someone in the line behind you steps up, he hands them a package but keeps talking. "Personally I don't like or trust them, but so long as they don't cause any trouble we've got bigger things to worry about. Personally I hope Shan'do Stormrage and Priestess Tyrande go ahead with this magic-ban everyone's been talking about. I can't belive the Highborne still think dabbling in arcane-magic is a good idea after it blew up half the world." He seems to shake his head in disbelief.
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