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Originally Posted by Anansi View Post
Go with Kil'Jaeden. First: because Alanda's right. And second: because Alanda's hot.
"Have we considered a less direct approach? We can reach Kil'jaeden through the dreadlord, Tichondrius. Afterwards, once we've gained a bit of power for ourselves we can report to Kil'jaeden himself." You tap your chin thoughtfully as the others mull it over.

Kyrs and Dyaxxis both look a bit iffy for a moment, though Dyaxxis grins after a bit of murmuring between the two. "And Kil'jaeden would be eager to salvage the operation since he had no part in the initial failure..."

Alanda nods in agreement "The Dreadlords are tacticians, they would be the best patrons in our situation, scattered as we are." She favors you with a brief smile. "Let's get ready then, ideally we would have five casters..." she glances to the captives and grins a bit.
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