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Time slows to a crawl as the leatherworker you and Alanda untie her, she turns, tearstreaked eyes fixating on the druid captive, hands trembling as the two of you slide beside her and press a simple dagger between her fingers, which clench on it and grow very still.

Alanda whispers something to the prospective satyr...

After what feels like an eternity, or at least a year, several weeks and an emotional rollercoaster later, the new recruit slashes the dagger across the druids face, tearing away an ear and letting out a light yelp while the druid makes a wet, sputtering sound from the pain, a look of utter betrayal on his face.

Alanda gently picks up the ear, and runs a bit of black thread through it, setting it lightly around the leatherworker's neck like a dainty bit of jewelry.

"There..." she coos, like someone pleased with training an animal.

The initiate lets out a noise halfway between a laugh and a sob before Kyurs and Dyaxxis step over, a crackle of fel energy running between them, Alanda and yourself as the conversion of the newest member of your little band begins.
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