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Originally Posted by SmokeBlader View Post
I've been trying to get into sci-fi for a long while and I just can't seem to succeed. I read Old Man's War and I was disappointed as it contained just about everything I don't like about the genre. Meaningless technological babble that drags on, very black and white conflict, and alien races that feel very random and lack any substance. The ''characters'' had the same voice, with some introduced for two pages only to have it mentioned they were killed in some random battle in the next page. Juvenile writing with characters having sex every dozen pages, and unnecessary large usage of ''fuck, shit, asshole''. First half felt like reading about a geriatric clinic and the second was a cliche war setting that has no meaning because I didn't care about anyone or what was happening, nor was I given any reason to do, it just happened.
Joe Haldeman's The Forever War is a much better book than Old Man's War (and I think Scalzi would agree with me). It does go a lot into the tech, but it helps that Haldeman has a BA in physics. He's also an actual combat veteran.
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