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Originally Posted by C9H20 View Post
Weird that you as a lore fan would say this. The potential damage is greatest for us. Sure a guy who just wants old school WC3 can just play. But you and I know that they will alter the lore somewhat, quite possibly for idiotic reasons and then this will be the new canon.
Even without plot changes, Reforged already does this simply through updated graphics.

Any and every design that uses WoW elements instead of sticking close to WC3 already shows this.

- Malfurion and Tyrande hair is green now instead of blue
- Malfurion has wings like in WoW
- Grom doesn't have full black jaw tattooes, only 3 stripes on his lip ala WoD
- Gyrocopter pilot more resembles a gnome than a Dwarf
- Dreadlords don't have tails
- Trolls all missing their hind toe
- Hippogriffs no longer are Raven/Stag hybrids, more like Parrots
- Lady Vashj's hair is actual snakes

Plenty of deviation, plenty of changes, plenty of perceived retcon going around. All without touching the story.
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