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That's exactly the way me and my friends see it. *points at belorealah*
We've been active around Stonard the last 2 weeks, with our new bunch of Orc chars we plan to (role)play in WoD. We only have 'humble'/'normal' kind of characters and are just a thrown-together Warband, who only support the 'main forces' of the Horde (i.e. We won't drive back the whole Iron Horde in 2 weeks work, with just 7 people or some other action-movie-like shit).

We didn't sign up for the campaign in the main-thread or anything, nor did we contact the organizers ingame.
We just participate in the general activity around Stonard and the Blasted Lands - and if there are invites for DMed attacks/events we accept.

Of course there are many chars with more titles than braincells.
Of course there is a Shen-zin Su Pandaren Warrior - *cough* Gui *cough* - with the title of "Dragon of someshit" in Full Challenge Mode Gear, a "Fiery Aura" and two blazing longswords from Firelands acting like Chen. (...and I have a special, hatred filled, place in my heart for badly played, over the top, Huojin Chars.)
Of course there are the idiots who celebrated Hallow's End iCly in Stonard, totally drunk, jumping around in pink dresses and other 'costumes', even though it was attacked in the days before AND directly the day after that = in a freakin' Warzone!

...but I just don't see them. (And apparently many others did so to.)
They are... just... extras. We don't interact much with them (and they don't do so with us). And If they die, we don't care. Unimportant loss.
Just "/e shakes his head and turns around." is all it takes to get away from such people.

On the other hand, there are people who really put work into their characters and act authentically.
The blacksmith who flirted with our scout, but was put in his place by her (with backup from the rest of us) - but secretly tries to flirt with her again, now and then.
The really old tauren shaman who sits in a corner all day carving little lucky-dos, giving them to people who head out of the gate, as a little blessing.
The healers who really put work into each emote to make it reasonable and beautiful to read - and not just "lay on hands - bzing! - you're healed!" or "Eat a Senzu bean and you're fine.".
The people who react respectfully to everyone of a higher rank, like the handful of grunts, complete strangers, who went up to our leader, saluted and asked if he had orders, while we were watching the pass. - And others who then followed their lead and asked aswell.
...and many more.

We're happy for each one of those. If you think those are rare to find on Argent Dawn: I can name only two handful of people that fall into this category from my old server. 6 of those migrated with me, 2 stayed there and almost always play by themselves, a few others stopped playing.
My old realm is the most-active german RP-Server and it dies - except for four things: Cathedral-Square-Soap-Opera-RP, Silvermoon-Basar-Soap-Opera-RP and Duskwood-Wildworgen-'Twilight meets Gore'-Soap-Opera-RP - and the obligatory Off-Topic-Discussion (They filled 378 threads with their yadda-yadda-mimimimi shit) and "Trolling"-Threads in the official forum.

Of course I could wish for even more lore-conform RP, less titles being thrown around or more RP support from Blizzard's side, more towns with enough room and opportunities for RP, more RP-useful fun items and many other things...
...but you can't always get what you want.
"You can be a king or a street sweeper, but everybody dances with the Grim Reaper."
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