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Now that you're done daydreaming as a result of the narrator being an emotional mess you reassess the situation.

"Can't give out my secrets now can I?" you let out a low, wicked chuckle

You're not being followed, you help the others drag the dryad's body deeper into the cave, past the first branch where you slept last night and before a small rock altar hastily carved out of the wall and floor, in what you guess must be Alanda's room.

Kyurs and Dyaxxis sigh a bit as they return, having dragged their own catches further inside and lain them beside yours.

"Darn, wish we'd been able to keep her alive until the ritual, would've been a bit more impressive." You place a clawed hand to your chin with a slight frown.

"Still an impressive catch..." Dyaxxis eyes you for a moment and smirks, looking to the unconscious elf he'd tied to a wooden stake set into the floor. "Luckily my elf is still alive, if we prop up the others around it we should do just fine."

Kyurs eyes the altar and then turns back to you and Dyaxxis. "What should we do till Alanda returns?"
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