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Originally Posted by Anansi View Post
Engage in torture.
You begin with the eyes, that wakes the elf up naturally but once you're done removing them there's only a few brief moments of painful squealing before you've removed the tongue, which sadly, does not make it as quiet as you would like, in fact there's just a lot of bloody gurgling and you have to keep the elfs head down so it doesn't choke to death on its own blood.

From that point on you simply sit back and let Kyurs and Dyaxxis have their fun till Alanda arrives, once the elf passes out from pain and blood loss you take some time trussing up the other bodies around it, entrails spilled on the floor, wilted flowers set into the eyesockets, obscene demonic sigils carved into the flesh.

Alanda eventually steps in with her own pair of elves that let out muffled screams at the sight of the room as they're tied up amid the gory mess.

"I see you've been busy." She purrs with a smile.
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