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Shadow Orb

Originally Posted by Anansi View Post
Rejoice to see new playthings.

Inquire the purpose of this ritual: business or pleasure?
"Marvelous! Here let me line them up, elf, corpse, elf, corpse, elf, corpse... lets hope whomever we contact appreciates the effort..." you chuckle as the elves are tied into place and then glance back at Alanda. "So, who do we have in mind?"

She grins a bit as she looks over the room and altar. "We're considering several demonlords to appeal to, personally I feel appealing to Lord Sargeras so soon after our... failure, would only invite punishment."

Kyurs and Dyaxxis both nod a bit before Dyaxxis hisses, scowling at an elf.

"But in time, we will succeed!"
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