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Both psychological and cancer-risk-related reasons.
What i probably should elaborate on: my breasts were big. As in, "above-average-in-my-girl-dominated-class" big. Morbidly obese men generally get a little breast fat if they're unlucky, and even a lot of it if their luck REALLY sucks, but the kind of moobs i had you really only get when you have proper gynecomastia, which is breast growth in men due to non-fat-growth related reason; i assume it was lack of testosteron with me since that's always been too low, but nobody ever checked.
So, naturally, i was mercilessly bullied, kicked, punched, laughed and spat at for being fat (and, occasionally, for liking unpopular things) my entire life until i got out of school, and even then it didn't really end, and gigantic tits on a "man" are obviously a favorite target. To be blunt i have an unhealthy relationship with the topic of "me having breasts" because of that and if there's one thing that'll fuck me out of a reconstruction it's the words "i could live without it". At the time i really needed the confidence boost, and back then it was the right decision.
The other part is, of course, the breast cancer risk. It's not nearly as big as even regular breast cancer risk for cis women but it's A LOT bigger for men with gynecomastia than for men without it. Probably has to do with the fact that it's not just fat, it's a problem of the breast growth thingies being stimulated wrongly; i don't really understand it, i just wanted them gone the second my doctor told me they weren't my fault and that the insurance pays for the removal.
Kinda-thirdly, i already have a tendency to lyposomes (which is basically fat knobs because my genetics don't always know where to put my fat; had that on bones ones, that was fun) and they found tons of them in my breasts if i understood it correctly. Nothing remotely dangerous but not something you'd leave unchecked, i guess.
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