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Runes Solthris: Building A New World

Hello All! In the spirit of Worldbuilding, and Kellick's idea thread, I thought it might be fun to whip up a new thread inspired by the old War for Lordaeron and Solcu projects!

For those unfamiliar with those glorious works of art:

Solcu Public Feedback:

The Great War RPG:

To my eternal regret I was among those present but unable to devote much time or focus to any of these early projects due to a mix of college work and my own terrible brain, but I hope this new game brings an iota of the creativity and enjoyment these other projects generated.

The goal is to mix WorldBuilding and Plot Progression together in the form of small historical and First/Third person entries, this is my first time developing this type of project though so more experienced thoughts, criticisms and comments are more than welcome.

Solthris, a vast young world with myriad species, nations, and continents. Long has it drifted in the grand darkness, untouched by outside powers, yet now it sits upon the cusp of a new era, as forces within and without stir for the first time in millenia looking to shape it to suit their design.

For the past Three Hundred years the numerous factions of the Grutharin Sub-Continent have warred across the land against the ravenous Lokusi, a species of ravening insect beasts that had insatiably devoured all in their path, threatening to overtake the world and driving the native orcs, goblins, ogres, and other inhabitants to the edge of their lands. Many tribes pushed beyond the mountains and into the unknown, braving the ice, fog, smoke, and constant storms that have shrouded the treacherous and narrow paths beyond since time immemorial. But others heard the call of the great ogre warlord Muzash, who rallied an army at the foot of the Irongut Mountains and drove into the heart of the hivelands, choking the life from the first Lokusi Devourer and slowing the early swarm. This gave time for other settlements to be carved into the deserts, badlands, and caves, new nations springing to life from the scattered refugees as they made their stand anew.

In time, the countries named their united forces the Grutharin Dominion and pushed further and further south, building thin lines of defendable fortresses amidst the Lokusi's nestlands, and now, three hundred years since the War of Hunger first began, it has finally been brought to an end. Just as the Lokusi Venom-gorgers seemed about to at last overtake the fortresses and devour the remaining armies, the orc torchbearer Rakila, the goblin slimeweaver Zirik, and the ogre skulldrummer Gulok, sacrificed their lives to ignite a volcanic eruption at the great southern nesting grounds of the Lokusi, killing their feral Demigod-Queen and at last ending their threat. Though isolated hives remain scattered across the land and a few coastal islands, none have the power to threaten the Dominion any more.

For the first time in centuries Gruthar knows peace, but now a new hunger grows. A hunger to rebuild. A hunger for knowledge. A hunger to expand.

What lies beyond the mountains to the west and vast oceans? How shall they resettle the former hivelands? How will victory change the Dominion? What are the strange new creatures billowing out from the awakened volcano, dubbed the Firemaw, and swampy chasms around it? What has been happening in the rest of the world all this time? Could the lands beyond have been consumed by other hives of Lokusi or are they populated by new nations?

For now, The Thar'zash, the Dominon's governing governing body made up of representatives from each of the Dominion's members, meets for the first time since it's victory, while others across the world and beyond it take note of the Firemaw's eruption and the death of a nascent god.

Thanks to the wonderful reception the project has gotten links to specific posts with key information will be added here. Posters may also whip up summaries if they'd like them added to this main post.

Because the reception has been so fantastic we do unfortunately need to adjust our info-saving methods, folks are now invited to archive their stuff in THE WIKI

Big thanks to Aneurysm for being our volunteer mapmaker!
Political Lines Draft-Draft Political lines by Mutterscrawl
Geography Update by Aneurysm
Aneurysm Refined Border-Lines!


Dwarves: Far Ranging Craftsmen of all kinds.
Dwarf Basics.

Xysticid: Secretive Illuminati-esque Spiderfolk who live on the island of Istos.
Starter Info
Xysticid do not drink alcohol
Xysticid poison info
Xysticid religion
Xysticid defensive techniques
Istos Architecture
Knowledge and views of the world
Elf Interaction

Infodump 3
Xysticid Entertainment

Lord Grimtale:

Vukodlak: A species of wolf men struggling to balance their bestial natures.
Vukodlak Basics


Rak'shari: Mayincatec Lizardfolk who evolve with, and revere, the power of blood.
Biology, Society, Beliefs
Priests, Magic, and Beasts
Blood Magic Details1
Blood Magic Details2
Blood Magic Details3
Blood Magic Details4
Rak'shari Entertainment
Rak'shari Expedition

Former Canon due to Gromak's Revision: Hungerers1


Timeline Draft1

Dragon History 1

Cyclops: One of the earliest mortal races, crafted weapons for the gods in ancient times.
Cyclops Basics

Karcinites: An aggressive, revolting, and mysterious species of mortals that lives underground.
Karcinite Basics

Lokusi: Horrifying bestial insect monsters ravaging the world.
Lokusi Infodump
Lokusi Spread details
Lokusi Spread Ourothris Correction
Bleakhorn Lokusi Sketch

Grutharin Dominion: A a militarized alliance of Orsini (Orcs, Goblins, Bogrin, Ogres, Hobgoblins, Gremlins) that live in Gruthar.
Dominion Capitals
Dominion Tech
Dominion Artifact Weapons
Dominion Sports and Entertainment
Grutharin Animal Life

Courtesy of Hlaalustyle: Ogre Gorging

Brigua Chorus: A collection of Anuran (Frog people) tribes.
Anuran Basics

Merulos: A merchant-state based out of a megastructure in the southern seas.
Merulos Basics

Merulos Guilds

Hive Flukes


The Timeless: A cult of humans dedicated to regaining their former glory through reckless abuse of temporal magics.
Timeless Basics
Timeless Details1
Timeless Details2

Courtesy of Anansi: Temporal Physics

Brought to you by Sanguine Enterprises.

My Worldbuilding:

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