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Originally Posted by Mutterscrawl View Post
I dont wanna monopolize them but my thoughts are that while the Lokusi are native their behavior was not natural

Edit: clarifying

They're similar to locusts, they're supposed to eat, breed and go dormant, then repeat

Someone or something either controlled or threatened them to the extent that FucktupleMurderMode was their default state
A setting where the Lokusi became a global threat that changed or destroyed the old world orders would be quite interesting.

I like Elves and try to think of different ways to make them different and interesting. One idea I've spun is of a species of Elves that due to geography found themselves split but with the advance of technology would make them meet up and construct a unified empire that flourished by combining their different world views and inventions. A unified empire that would later fall to disaster which would once again divide them and put them at each others throats as they blame the other for the fall and with both seeking to reclaim "their" glory.

The path of migration could be seen as a circle. The divide happened at the lower end, they move in opposite direction and then meet up at the opposite and there construct a unified empire. So you could say there were three realms. The two old realm of nations and the stronger, more advanced and more prosperous empire in between.

The Lokusi could be the factor that topples the unified empire with each people blaming the other for the invasion of the Lokusi. Perhaps a branching out from the continent of your Dominion, swarming over the unified empire and forcing the two peoples further and further away from the ruins with millions dead and minor nations being wiped out as they desperately try to fight back the waves while seeing no way to stop it until the swarms suddenly fall into chaos. The slaying of the Demigod-Queen turned the lesser Queens upon each others, allowing the elves to halt the expansion and push back towards the ruins.

This "Elf Continent" would probably be best situated across a sea from your own.

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