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Orb of Lightning Not enough spiders

A large island perhaps 1/3 the size of Australia, somewhere* in the middle of a Pacific-scale ocean. The landmass is approximately the shape of a squashed, 6-pointed star. Thickly forested; with mountain ranges declining toward each of the 'star's' shallow points and rising to a crown of jagged peaks about the island's center.

Shipwrecks litter the rocky shoreline, and there are no true naval ports. At first glance, indeed, the island appears entirely uninhabited. As you venture further inland and deeper into the forest, however, you may come across a silk net or trap, here and there, laid out for unsuspecting deer, hare, and other game animals. These will become more numerous the further you progress into the trackless wilderness, but what even the most woodsy of elf-spawn will never see are the razor-thin strands of silk which criss-cross the entire island. Its inhabitants will find you long before you find them.

When they do, they will not treat you kindly. Too many fearful and xenophobic fools have reacted poorly to their first glimpse, for the natives to trust readily the outsider. They will not kill you, not outright, but they will ensnare you swiftly and surely in bonds of silk, stronger than steel. Only then you will be led, under guard, to the glittering cities they have built beneath the earth, to be judged by a tribunal of the wise, and perhaps released, if you carry no ill-intent with you.

These are the cavern-dwelling, sky-faring Xysticids.

Though their webs stretch far beyond their insular, secret nation on the Isle of Istos, they exist, by and large**, only in the fairy tales and legends of the world beyond. By dwarves, they are hailed almost as equals, for their silk-craftsmanship has allowed them to create unrivaled works of engineering and art. By men, they are feared as dangerous monsters, remembered in tales told to frighten children. By elves, they are hated as ugly and vile abominations, who have escaped extinction only through cunning and deceit. By the Dominion of Grutharin, little is known, save only that the web-spinners share their hatred for the Lokusi.

Exact coordinates impossible to confirm. The land mass may move with respect to the ocean floor, and may furthermore in some metaphysical way choose to evade detection and contact by outsiders. Then again, maybe not. Records tend toward the unreliable.

There are frequent excursions from the airports*** at the peaks of Istos, but these missions tend toward the secret, and they are excellent at avoiding detection. Only rarely do the outside races ever catch a glimpse of an actual Xysticid, and then it is usually because that Xysticid has chosen to reveal herself.

The Xysticids command the skies in gossamer airships spun from a silken pattern sturdy enough to catch the wind, but fine enough to reflect and part the light until they appear almost invisible from the ground.
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