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Originally Posted by Shaman View Post
The texts of the Hebrew Bible, New Testament and Hadith are not neutral on the question of slavery - but instead recognize it as a legitimate institution, give instructions on how slaves are to be managed while also positively-recommending the enslavement of innocents. When Thomas Jefferson confronted the ambassador of Tripoli over the crimes of the Barbary pirate-states enslaving hundreds of thousands of sailors - their ambassador justified their practice by appealing to their holy books. The Hebrew books are particularly wicked on this subject; as Yahweh rewarded his loyal warriors after a massacre by allowing them to take the fertile wives and daughters of the slain for their own. So on the specific question of slavery, yes, those Christian abolitionists were advocating for emancipation in spite of their holy texts - and a good thing that was, too.
Thomas Jefferson the great abolitionist?

But try something. Envision two individuals. First, a Quaker or Methodist abolitionist who has been raised believing slavery was against God's will, yet is surrounded by a society where slavery is the norm, and who risks his/her life to help runaways flee on the underground railroad. Second, a Southern Baptist plantation owner whose preacher tells him slavery is God's will, and whose livelihood/wealth/influence depends on the institution of slavery remaining legal.

Take away their religious influences.

* Would the first person risk life and security to help runaways? I think it's less likely.
* Would the second person continue to act in his best economic interests by owning people in a highly profitable industry? I think it's more likely.

How religious was Jefferson?

EDIT: I'm actually intrigued by the study Kak posted and don't want to dismiss it. I may reflect and ramble later.

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