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Originally Posted by Yuber8900
Cycle of Hatred has been moved up to January 31 it seems.
Not sure why it was listed March. I honestly don't remember putting that But I changed it. It should either be that day, or early February but I just put Jan. 31st for now.

I also went ahead and added the already released books to that list in case someone doesn't know what is already out there. Please let me know if any of those release dates are wrong or you have a more accurate one. I tried to find a good source but I couldn't.'s dates I do not trust other than the month and year (most of them were like January 1st, etc, which I know for a fact none of those books were released on the 1st of any month). And I *know* they have the wrong release date for the original Core Book (How the hell did the Core book come out Sept. 30th when the Manual of Monsters came out according to them Sept. 1st?). I think that book came out in July but please if that is wrong let me know.

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