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Originally Posted by ARM3481 View Post
And WarCraft as an IP was about RTS conflict between orcs and humans (or Horde and Alliance as of WC2.) Until WC3 made it about RTS conflict between orcs, humans, night elves and Scourge.

I fail to see how that poses some unprecedented and insurmountable obstacle. Hell, there were originally intended to be five playable race armies in WC3 at one point, before they decided the Burning Legion didn't really work as one.
And WoW shat over the contributions of night elves and scourge.

We don’t need additional races. That doesn’t fix anything and it takes away attention from the existing three. The existing terrans, protoss and zerg suck ass. Adding new races will only exacerbate that problem by taking away resources from their development. Assuming that Blizzard could devote resources to good storytelling in the first place, which they cannot.

Adding new races doesn’t make the lore any less stupid than it currently is. Those new races will definitely be really stupid too, just like the existing ones.

If you want to improve Starcraft, then you need suggestions that actually improve things rather than adding unnecessary detritus that serves no purpose than fueling sequelitis. Like rebooting it under a company that is known for competent storytelling.
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