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Originally Posted by BoxCrayonTales View Post

Apparently the SC2 devs want to make a SC3.

I have no idea what the plot would even be about, other than retconning SC2 into incoherence.

I can't even begin to predict the plot since it would inevitably be something really stupid, but I can make predictions of possible plot points that could happen since I was somehow able to predict the Ihan-rii retcon a few months before they were revealed.

The plot of SC3 may or may not involve:
  • New factions pulled out of the woodwork, like the Ihan-rii (and UED for that matter)
  • Retconning the histories and motivations of the factions
  • Involving the xel'naga as a lazy plot device
  • Resurrecting the Overmind... again
  • Rebuilding the Khala
  • Valerian, Artanis, and/or Zagara turning evil
  • The UED showing up as either the villains or the heroes
  • The three races teaming up against some generic Sailor Moon villain
  • The three races fighting each other as the main plot because the writers want to do something morally ambiguous or whatever
  • Nova will become the new Queen of Blades
  • There will be another brood war
  • There will be another eon of strife
  • Amon will be retconned as the good guy all along
  • The zerg will be the main villains
  • The terrans will be the main villains
  • The protoss will be the main villains
  • The planet Bel'Shir will be revealed to be an evil space god
  • Basically just throw darts at the wall until one sticks

I think SC lore is a pile of excrement so I don't really care what the plot will be except insofar as I can mock it and laugh at SC2 fans complaining about how it shits over SC2.
They could set it up a few decades into the future, and almost reset the whole thing, moving away from the old characters no one gives a damn about anymore (if they ever cared about them in the first place, that is). Kerrigan needs to go away, in fact, any kind of corrupted humans or protoss need to stay away from the zerg.

Also, they need new races, yes or yes. The lack of new races is one of the major reasons why SC2 fell so flat, the moment you expand the universe, you need more than new locations and plots, you need new factions as well. This is one of the things Warcraft 3 did right, we went from generic bullshit into a world full of hundreds of new creatures, included as either part of the new and classic races, or as neutral enemies.

I think the ideal number, for balance reasons, would be 5 playable races. Ideas for the new 2:

* Scavenger robots: Something born out of protoss and terran technology. Classic "we lost control" plot. Alternatively, the machines could be unique, and be led by a new alien species, whose goal could be stealing the technology from the other races.

* Dimensional entities: Let's rip off Doom, and make a new demonic race appear out of portal misuse. They could be a highly advanced psychic society, rising their buildings from the surrounding debris. Their troops could be made of pure energy. They would consume suns or something ridiculous like that, destroying everything instead of corrupting it like the zerg. Alternatively, they could be related to the void, and be ancient enemies of the xel'naga, and some sort of "anti-protoss".

Ideally, I would just start over with new races or something, to be fair. The three original races cover way too many themes at once, killing the potential inclusion of any other new races.

Maybe we should leave the Koprulu sector altogether, and go back to Earth, with the terran faction refurbished and modernized. Or maybe go to another colony, them jump to Earth, them jump to Koprulu, due to the plot and whatever. Maybe refurbish the zerg as well, and go back to their roots at Zerus.

Whatever, StarCraft is a dead franchise anyway.

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