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Originally Posted by Lon-ami View Post
They could set it up a few decades into the future, and almost reset the whole thing, moving away from the old characters no one gives a damn about anymore (if they ever cared about them in the first place, that is). Kerrigan needs to go away, in fact, any kind of corrupted humans or protoss need to stay away from the zerg.

Also, they need new races, yes or yes. The lack of new races is one of the major reasons why SC2 fell so flat, the moment you expand the universe, you need more than new locations and plots, you need new factions as well. This is one of the things Warcraft 3 did right, we went from generic bullshit into a world full of hundreds of new creatures, included as either part of the new and classic races, or as neutral enemies.

I think the ideal number, for balance reasons, would be 5 playable races. Ideas for the new 2:

* Scavenger robots: Something born out of protoss and terran technology. Classic "we lost control" plot. Alternatively, the machines could be unique, and be led by a new alien species, whose goal could be stealing the technology from the other races.

* Dimensional entities: Let's rip off Doom, and make a new demonic race appear out of portal misuse. They could be a highly advanced psychic society, rising their buildings from the surrounding debris. Their troops could be made of pure energy. They would consume suns or something ridiculous like that, destroying everything instead of corrupting it like the zerg. Alternatively, they could be related to the void, and be ancient enemies of the xel'naga, and some sort of "anti-protoss".

Ideally, I would just start over with new races or something, to be fair. The three original races cover way too many themes at once, killing the potential inclusion of any other new races.

Maybe we should leave the Koprulu sector altogether, and go back to Earth, with the terran faction refurbished and modernized. Or maybe go to another colony, them jump to Earth, them jump to Koprulu, due to the plot and whatever. Maybe refurbish the zerg as well, and go back to their roots at Zerus.

Whatever, StarCraft is a dead franchise anyway.
I had a few ideas for an original setting inspired by Starcraft and its clones, Atrox, Dark Planet, and StarFront. The plot is basically the plot of Episode 1 stretched out over decades.

As far as a story set within the Starcraft IP... it’s not really difficult since the lore isn’t worth anything. Just retcon whatever you want.

In another sector, millions of light years away from Koprulu, the zerg and protoss invade terran space.

An offshoot of the Confederacy is locked in cold war with the Union. Then the zerg and protoss appear.

These zerg were never enslaved by Kerry, but retain their original hierarchy and culture. They are led by neo-cerebrates ascended with xel’naga essence cannibalized from the xel’naga they ate over Zerus. They killed Amon since he couldn’t control them and were poised to kill Duran too before he used space magic to imprison them, but now that Duran’s dead they’re finally free. They want to consume all life and become perfect, as befits the horrific nature of the zerg.

The protoss are from another universe, having been banished there by Duran after they cannibalized Amon’s followers on Aiur for xel’naga essence. They retain the Khala, now immune to Amon’s control, and it’s enhanced so that it’s vastly superior to the Void. A handful of their zealots could conquer whole worlds. Terran archaeologists activated xel’naga gates that opened to the other universe, allowing this new protoss imperium to enter the milky way.

When the protoss imperium discovered the zerg infesting terran worlds, they decided to incinerate the planets. Trillions of terrans burned alive across the sector. However, the loss of life horrified a number of tribes who called it a betrayal of the great stewardship and decided to protect the terrans. Unfortunately the terrans now think all protoss are genocidal monsters and want revenge for the trillions of terran lives that were incinerated.

War ravaged the sector. The zerg don’t have the forces necessary to invade the protoss galaxy, which has trillions of protoss, but believe that by consuming the milky way they will get that much closer to parity.

Yes, it’s a lazy rehash of the SC1 manual but that was the last time the SC lore made any sense.
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