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Originally Posted by Marthen View Post
I usually refrain from making polls, but this particular topic has cought my attention. The question is simple. What do you consider more iconic to the Kaldorei race (as clearly, both are iconic). Or do you consider them absolutely equal? Do tell.
This is a difficult question because I dont inherently view them as different. The divide is less Druid/Sentinel and more Cenarion/Darnassian.

We know that Druids and Sentinels have been distant from each other, with it stated to be a problem Mal and Tyrande tried to fix via Wolfheart.

But Druidic allies, ala Dryads, the ghost cat in Ashenvale, ect all fall under Sentinel pervue.

I think the closest I vould get to making a call is as individuals, druids are more iconic, but as a race the sentinels are
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