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Originally Posted by Shandris View Post
There are many druids who never entered the Emerald Dream, namely troll, centaur and broken druids, and High Botanist Freywinn.
Not druids. They just use some nature magic. Freywinn in particular is more like an arcane botanist, akin to the other in-game High Botanist, the Nightborne Tel'arn, though Freywinn obviously hadn't altered himself to the same degree.

The rest fit with what we were told about Gilnean harvest witches way back in the Ask CDev (which, even as long as it's been, has yet to be contraindicated in-lore on this point.) Just using nature magic does not a druid make, and manipulating nature with arcane magic definitely doesn't make one a druid. Being a druid is specifically tied to the teachings of Cenarius, his followers and the stewardship of the Emerald Dream.
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