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After liberating the Horde and traveling west to Kalimdor, the young Warchief Thrall encounters a race similar to humans... but with the lower bodies of horses! These centaur are led by a cunning warrior by the name of Temujin that has become fast friends with the outlanders that have washed upon their shore, and tells them much of how Kalimdor is divided by war and strife.

Thrall is displeased to hear of the violence at first, but Temujin convinces him that the destiny of the Orcs is to bring peace and unity to the land through conquest.

With the aid of Temujin's Centaur army, that had been riding to the north to settle in the fertile lands of Mulgore the Orcs begin to unite the barrens under the banner of their combined Hordes.

Grom Hellscream completes the first stage of their bloody campaign by defeating Cairne Bloodhoof, chieftain of one of the strongest tauren tribes, and mortal enemies of the centaur. Yet, Thrall intervenes and refuses to allow the tauren to be slaughtered, instead Cairne is offered a place of power alongside himself and Temujin. Reluctantly, the aging chieftain accepts, after Temujin, who realizes the legitimacy the Horde of Kalimdor shall hold with the tauren with such a venerated chieftain among its leaders, makes veiled threats against the life of his son Baine.

As time passes, humans make landfall on the shores of Kalimdor and are encountered by the fledgling Horde. Though tempers flare, Temujin is curious about these new Outlanders and approaches their leadership alongside Thrall, while the seemingly bloodcrazed Grom Hellscream and his warsong clan are held in check by the Bloodhoof tauren.

The news of the encroaching demonic host from across the sea brings considerable alarm to most, but Temujin sees only opportunity. He tells Thrall that the approaching threat of Archimonde and the legion will be just the leverage needed to gain an audience with the powerful Night Elven nation to the North, and thus their aid in repelling the demons, and thus, the tenuous alliance heads north.

While examining a few of the centaurs relics from Terramok carried by Temujins shaman, a few of the dwarves among Jaina's refugees believe that a great power looms to the south, perhaps great enough to push back the legion. Though Jaina is wary, the armies of the Horde and Alliance refugees split. While the some of the Horde's forces seek out this mysterious "Etymidian" alongside the human expedition, others journey to the North to seek the counsel of Cenarius, the Forestlord and grandfather of the Centaur people.
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