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Thumbs up The WarCraft Movie Now in Theaters

The WarCraft movie is now out in North America and most other regions. I went to see it last night.

My spoiler free mini review - I freaking loved it. There were definitely a couple rough patches and pacing issues (some of which I think might be resolved with deleted scenes on the bluray/dvd), but overall it was fantastic. All of the actors were really on point here, highlights for me being Daniel Wu as Gul'dan (who I was a little concerned about from the trailers but he absolutely nails that role) and Toby Kebbell as Durotan.

For WarCraft fans like myself, I absolute recommend going to see it. For non-WarCraft fans, I would stay it's probably still very enjoyable but there are definitely parts I don't think the movie explains well enough if you don't already know the characters and setting going into it.
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