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Man the Alliance kind of got shafted on the races... I guess the Voidelves have a newish model, but the Yellowed Eyed Draenei and the Darkirons are pretty boring. Both the Light Draenei and the Elves are kind of an asspull if you ask me, they haven't been around long enough. Especially compared to the unique models that Nightborne and Zandalar trolls have and the time taken establishing all three of the Horde's races.

Not the sub races I'd have wanted. The fact that you have to literally do quests with a main just to fucking unlock the ability to create a new character AND THEN have to complete the full leveling experience from 1 to 120 to earn a distinctive Heritage Armor set for that race is quite frankly bullshit of an extreme proportion. That's basically not even content at that point, just another chore.

The Titanic Might thing makes me wonder if it's going to work like the Legendary Weapon systems. Given that they are putting less effort into leveling armor models in Legion I can't help but wonder if slowly evolving armor with raid unlocks and what not is the next course. Sort of a jump in logic but the wording looks that way with the whole Heart of Azeroth thing.

I like that we basically get a Horde Island (I refuse to call them continents) and an Alliance one which should prove to have faction unique leveling experiences. The other islands all look kind of bland. Although I will say some of the weird "The Old Ways" druid stuff in Kul'Tiras looks interesting, pirate Vrykul look rad as well. They should have been a subrace though since the Alliance races are totally disconnected from the story and zone...

All and all, it's sort of good that we are ramping down because the stories epic scale was getting a little insane. It's odd that Argus doesn't have any real focus after being shown, it's odder still we are getting this whole full scale Lordaeron assault as our launching point for the story. I mean, I get it... but everything just seems so totally scaled back and disjointed that it's sort of hard to get excited about it. Theres no big bad reveal, no reveal in the cinematic of the new zones... other than the same old faction conflict story. They better really bring something to the table with this because it's hard to get hyped even if it is likely best to take a breather from the power scale issues the game was starting to get.
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