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Originally Posted by Shroombie View Post
Ride staff like a pony, make lewd gestures.
NEW MOUNT ACQUIRED: Goat-headed Staff

Gul'dan mounted his goat-headed staff like a pony, hinging his elbow upward repeatedly while scratching his thumbclaws against each other--two of the lewdest gestures an orc could make. The 'Gall head of Cho'gall laughed.

'Gall sang, "Scratch and dance and dance and ride, death awaits at evening tide! Bump the grind to snip the snail, all shall fear the--"

"Shut up! Just... shut up!" the Cho' head of Cho'gall interrupted, squinting into the distance. "Can we make out their clan colors yet?"

Another ogre-mage was staring blankly ahead. He was connected to an active Eye of Kilrogg, scouting the approaching vessels. "I see them," he now answered. "They are . . ."

* * * * *

::roll roll::
1. Blackrock Clan
2. Black Tooth Grin Clan
3. Dragonmaw Clan
4. Blackrock, Black Tooth Grin, and Dragonmaw Clans
5. Bleeding Hollow Clan
6. Burning Blade Clan

* * * * *

". . . they are Blackrock Clan, my master. Doomhammer has sent his own warriors against us."

Cho' grumbled. "Who is commanding them?"

The other ogre-mage closed his eyes in concentration.

* * * * *

::roll roll::
1. Orgrim Doomhammer
2. Varok Saurfang
3. Tharbek
4. Jubei'Thos
5. Malkorok
6. Eitrigg

* * * * *

"It's that orc who's been standing around Doomhammer since he became warchief. I didn't hear about him until this year." The ogre-mage looked a little embarrassed. "I don't know his name."

"Tharbek," Cho' supplied automatically. 'Gall cackled with glee.
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