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Gul'dan turned his back to the sea, preoccupied with the Soulstones in his pack.

"Master," Ugg the warlock asked, "are we not going witness the kraken finish off our enemies?"

"Yes," Gul'dan answered abstractly, still focused on the stones. There was a moment of awkward silence.

"Yes?" the warlock echoed.

"Yes, we are NOT going to witness the kraken finish off our enemies." Frustration tinged Gul'dan's voice as he answered, followed by a satisfied grunt. "There. That should do it."

"That should do what?"

"It's hard to explain. Here, come closer and I'll show you." Gul'dan brandished one of the Soulstones, which was now glowing with violet-colored energies. "What is your name, warlock?"

The warlock stood straight. "I am called U--"

Gul'dan slammed the Soulstone into the warlock's head, caving in his skull. Good; Gul'dan hadn't been sure whether the stones would be durable or fragile. "Let's see... yes, I bet I can use his life energies to make another one. I imagine it doesn't hurt to have too many of these lying around. Well, it doesn't hurt ME, anyway. Ha ha, am I right? Am I right, yeah?"

Gul'dan held the palm of his hand outward. Cho'gall delivered a high five. "That's what I'm talking about," Gul'dan nodded.

Drak-thul coughed tentatively. "If you wish, master, you could distribute some of those Soulstones to us. We could survive for longer periods and serve you more effectively."

"Hmm, that is a compelling thought." Gul'dan retrieved the Soulstone from earlier, wiping the blood and brain-bits with his sleeve. "Come closer, and I'll give you this one to hold on to."

Drak-thul stepped back. "No thanks, master."


Cho'gall studied the pile of stones with interest. One of them had been his own just a moment before, but he didn't dwell on the loss. "You will only need so many Soulstones for the insurance of resurrection."
"Too much resurrection! Too much life! Not enough death!"
"For some of them, we could harvest their energies for other uses."
"Power! Destruction! Money! Females!"

Gul'dan raised an eyebrow. "Other uses? Do you have any suggestions in particular?"

"Yes," Cho'gall answered. His heads glanced at the clan members before continuing. "This is a sensitive topic, master." Knowingly, Gul'dan gestured with his finger for Cho'gall to come closer. Cho'gall leaned inward, whispering so that no one else could hear. "You see, master, these warriors will fall like wheat under the scythe once we enter the Tomb. Instead, let us sacrifice them and use their essenc--"

Gul'dan slammed the Soulstone into Cho's skull. With a loud crack, the head fell limp.

The old warlock laughed until his sides hurt. "Okay, Cho'gall. Now what was it you were saying?"

"Empty talk, empty words! All falls silent with oblivion!" the 'Gall head screamed.

Gul'dan frowned. "He's not dead, is he?"


Gul'dan reached for the hand that dangled next to Cho's head, placing his fingers on the wrist. He felt a pulse. "So, help me out here. Is this... is it his pulse, since the arm's on his side? Or does that just mean that at least one of you is still alive?"

"All life passes and is passing! Every moment is illusion!"

Gul'dan frowned. "More importantly, is this going to affect your ability to cast spells freely? Can you function as an ogre-mage if one of your... pieces is broken?"

"Peace is a lie there is only passion! Through passion I gain strength! Through strength I gain power! Through power..."

"Through power, I become a god." Gul'dan finished. "That was well spoken, Cho'gall."

"You said it wrong! Shut your whore mouth!"

"Ha ha, Cho'gall. You're such a character."

Gul'dan climbed atop Cho'gall's shoulders, sitting on the gap between his two heads. "Come, everyone, To the Tomb!" his voice bellowed. "Yah!" In a crisp motion, he struck his goatstaff against Cho's unconscious head. Electric sparks shot from the staff's horns, causing the limp head to twitch as its nerves were activated. "Yah, yah! Giddyup!"

Gul'dan bounced on the Cho'gall's midshoulder as the ogre lumbered to the Tomb's entrance. The clan members followed behind. A handful of orc warlocks. A solid number of ogre-magi. Some death knights. A fair number of grunt warriors and peons. There were even a few trolls and goblins who'd been assigned to the two clans and possibly didn't know what was happening. They probably didn't even understand orcish.

The warlock chieftain produced a brown paper, on which he began to scribble something. While doing so he boomed orders. "Peons! You will stay here to watch the entrance. Build a barracks for us. Some towers. Do the ones with arrows, not cannons, just in case we get fliers after us. Start some pig farms and place them up front--they actually take more damage than the towers, remember. Construct everything out of wood and gold. I expect a new army by the time we come back out. If you find an oil patch, all the better."

"Goblins! In the back! We may need you to break through some barriers! Orc and troll warriors! In front! You are going to be our meat shield! I don't want to see any spellcaster fall until the lot of you lie dead, do you understand? Wait... let me clarify that order. Spellcasters! Stay by me! Most of you are going to cast Bloodlust and Haste on the frontline, but a handful will stay in the back to Unholy Armor me when needed, after which I will Death Coil your face and/or otherwise sacrifice you for health or power. That's what I was talking about, warriors--naturally these spellcasters in the back are going to die before you, but it won't be your fault. When all the orcs and trolls die, then you ogre-magi can take their places and counterattack--focus your Bloodlusts on each other. Ultimately, I'll probably kill the lot of you in order to summon more powerful daemons to fight for me. Any questions?"

Drak-thul raised a hand. "Are you going to ride on Cho'gall the whole time, or is he going up front as part of the meatshield?"

"Excellent question. Behold!" Gul'dan unfolded the brown paper he had been scribbling on to reveal it was a brown paper bag with an angry face drawn on it in purple magic marker. He placed this paper bag over Cho's head.


From his seated position, Gul'dan gestured downward. "This is Bluh'gall: chieftain of the Twilight's Hammer Clan. My trusted lieutenant and mount. Thank you, thank you." A gentle applause passed through the crowd.

"Where did you get that sack and writing tool? You didn't have anything like that in your inventory."


Gul'dan nodded. "Hear well the words of Bluh'gall, for he speaks great truth." The elder warlock cracked his knuckles. "Now, is everyone prepared? Today, we fulfill our destiny. Yah!" He gave another electric-goatstaff prod to his mount's right head. Bluh'gall trotted forward to the Tomb's entrance.

"My followers, behold: THE TOMB OF SARGERAS!"

And then this happened.

(Except imagine that Gul'dan was mounted.)

"Daemon hugs! Hugs and squeezes and hugs, ja ja!"

Bluh'gall galloped toward the figure at the Tomb's entrance, carrying Gul'dan with him.

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