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Originally Posted by Taintedmage View Post
Which Inquisition we talking about here?
Cause there's the Churches Inquisition (a lot less bloody, more controlled) and then there's the infamous Spanish Inquisition (launched by Spain's Catholic monarchy).

IIRC, the inquisition wasn't as bloody as it is to be believed and they rarely had executions.
That being said, torture was a routine around the time (although the Churches form was more limited) and while many weren't executed they did end up dying of other complications.
Needless to say jails aren't very nice nor is torture.
Or...maybe it wasn't so bad afterall....
Hell,as for witch tries the Catholic Church disavowed the existence of witches altogether if memory serves.

Literally more Protestant stupidity.
The Spanish Inquisition was just a branch of the overall Inquisition.
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