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Originally Posted by Shaman View Post
Hey, the thread will get more hits if updated slowly, right? Besides, I discovered my notes file got corrupted at some point, so piecing this back together isn't easy. Not to mention that I'm trying to decide which events to put in what Dispatches, writing an original novella, and looking for a job. Not easy.

Anyway, this story is heavily inspired by Travels through Azeroth and Outland, so I must give credit where credit is due. It also has a few tie-ins to The Falconbridge Chronicles down the page. Unfortunately, due to the rough nature of these notes, most characters do not have names. However, since this story is primarily about a culture and the paths of four people through it, it is my hope you will forgive the shortcomings of this rough summary.

Opening Scene:
The children in a nursery are prepped for their parents' daily visit.

Introduce the four protagonists, currently children.
  • Renander Goldenmist
  • Drendron Skygaze
  • Erinana Goldensong
  • Fienra Everlight

The parents enter and have conversations to drop certain ideas.
  • Hint at Great Houses and Retainer Houses, though not yet fully explain.
  • No matter how many families may be part of a given household, all children are raised together.
  • Convential wisdom says this practice produces more loyal retainers.
  • Magic makes possible an entire society of aristocrats by eliminating manual labor.
  • The major exception is childcare, which cannot be automated.
  • It is considered a great honor for a retainer to be given this task.

The kids don't get to do much beacuse this is a "children don't speak unless spoken to" culture. They basically stand there in a line, holding as still as possible. The parents worry that Fienra, the youngest, is small for her age. However, they also note she has plenty of time to catch up.

NOTE: This story was concepted back when the RPG was still canon, so the kids grow up at roughly half the Human rate.

End of Scene
Every ending is but a new beginning.
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