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My guess on how the story will unfold:

* The void elf storyline will be similar to the krokul in Mac'aree: they've been "infected" by void and spreading the corruption. It's probably that a few reckless elves let the void spread out over a sizable population, and the blood elves, not being able to cure them, quarantaned them somewherem, like lepers.

* If this development is new or a retcon, I don't know. I think it makes more sense if these are not guys dealing with the void now, but remnants of the darker times in Quel'thalas, when the blood elves were desperate to find alternatives to the Sunwell.

* Aethas may somehow be involved. The dialog in the Vindicaar indicates he's attuning to cosmic forces. Maybe he enters in contact with the void, gets curious, and later he and some followers seek the exiles to study the void further. Things go bad and they are influenced by the whispers. This does not mean that "the Sunreavers" as a whole start dealing with the void, only Aethas and a few others.

* Aethas thus seeks Alleria (or Alleria senses the void in Quel'thalas, during the Windrunner reunion in Ghostlands). Anyway, Alleria finds the exiles and tries to help them like she did with the krokul. This time, however, she has more experience, and knows about the success of Nabiru in purging the void from afflicted krokul (questline in Mac'aree to get void-purged troops)

* Like the Void-purged Krokul, the void elves are not masters of void magic (or else they'd be a class, not a race), but they are purged off the void influence, with lingering void energies (read the Void-purged Krokul description). This leaves them changed, but sane.

* About the Silver Covenant, I think Alleria is able to convince Vereesa (if she dies, it will be later) to help the void elves recover. The high elves may be wary of the void elves, but would tolerate them. They'd play a role similar to non-cursed guilneans play to worgen: they are not playable, but would be frequently be keeping an eye on their void-touched kin.

* I don't really see Silver Covenant or other high elves going back to Horde just because of void elves or, worse yet, Vereesa's supposed death. If anything, they'd just stay away from the void elves, if the above cooperation angle ends up not being true. I think the cooperation hypothesis is good because, by adding both races' together, you have more characters (and population) available. Also, by keeping high elves present, it makes high elf fans more likely to accept the void elves.

* With the void elves now available, I really doubt high elves will ever be playable. That ship has finally sunk. At most, we will have a few void elf customization options that remind of high elves, but are still different.
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