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Originally Posted by Deicide View Post
The Warcraft I fell in love with, 21 years ago, was a very different world.

I've endured the years of lore contrivances, storylines that go nowhere, retcons, ret-retcons, lore mishaps, dumb decisions and everything else. Every single thing I liked about Warcraft, from the Seven nations, diverse orc clans, gritty fantasy, interesting villains and a lot more, has since gone to dust.

The world I cared about is frozen in time, doomed to never get the focus again. It was replaced by spaceships, dumb demonic armies, time-traveling orcs, a war that endures just because it needs to endure and new islands full of new different flavored furries each expansion.

This void elf mess is very close to be the last straw. The only thing still holding me is nostalgia and routine.

Blizzard is not doing me any favors. I'm the one paying to play this game. So, since it's clear I'm not their intended audience and they have no interest in trying to reach a compromise, I'm very close to giving up. There's still almost two months left in my paid subscription. If I find no reason to keep interested in WoW by then, I'll just stop playing.

All I always cared for was the lore anyway. YouTube provides me that free of charge.
This do not remove the High Elf implementation. Now it's closer with the implementation of Allied Races. We will continue asking for them.

Umbric has a reminiscence to shadow, as it derives from latin Umbra (shadow). Blizzard does that kind of naming of characters a lot, aiming for subconcient identification with some valors.

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