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Originally Posted by oblivion View Post
SOOOOOO (i don't think there is a thread about this game, if there is than i am too stupid too find it via search)

anyone else interested in the MMO "The Secret World"? Supposed to be a thinking man's MMO developed by Ragnar Tornquist, the creator of The Longest Journey.

i read some stuff about the game and was very curious but doubted they could hold their promise of a real engaging MMO set in our world. But after reading a "Hands on" Article on RPS i can't wait.

The Quests are Puzzels and Quizzes which have to be solved by the community. The Game even encourages you to not only look for clues ingame but also using google (you can even use google ingame^^)

the fighting is "real-time", which weapons are used in realtime, magic has cooldown.

well the RPS article gives a better picture (also in better english xD)

if the game is really how its described than this MMO should be even better than GW2.

There are no "classes" in game and over 500 unique skills to choose from. A buttload of different weapons. the only "restriction" is the faction you choose in the beginning.

right now i am still researching them. so far all of em seems to be very interesing.

i think this game is something SoL members would really appreciate.
Holy shit, that's pretty cool. I mean, templar with assault rifles, illuminati with gas masks, and storm ninjas.

Fuck EA and Origin behind it, I hate that privacy-raping platform.

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