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Originally Posted by Kynrind View Post
Then ditch the 'big city' idea and spread the surviving population out across Durotar and the Barrens into farming/hunting communities/settlements. Have them learn to farm and hunt (ranchers) until they can grow enough food to provide for something like a city.

Besides, with the famine, that won't be much of a problem anymore with so much of the orcish race dead.
Thing is, they actually picked up on it really quickly, which is something for which people never give them credit.

They started from a position in which their population had zero serviceable experience, having spent the entirety of their lives as demonic thralls used only to fight, or else had been born in raised in squalor in prison camps, where they were never taught any skills which would be conducive to building a thriving nation.

Then they trekked across the ocean (which, given the above, is downright miraculous), landed on a literally alien landscape, full of unfamiliar flora and fauna, much of which was actively hostile. They somehow managed to figure out everything that was edible and inedible in the area and set up farms and ranches to harvest them.

What they couldn't provide for themselves, they obtained with the use of trade, setting up deals with their neighbours on the continent and abroad, signing agreements with Night Elves, Goblins, Forsaken and Blood Elves to make up for whatever resources they couldn't produce in Durotar proper.

Then they lost entire swaths of their population fighting off demonic invasions, genocidal warmongering lunatics, the armies of the undead, sending off entire generations to save the planet by invading other planets and continents, suffering tremendous losses (primarily in their most productive members, with those being killed being those who'd normally be of working age).

It took their premier trading partner bullheadedly stone-walling them over something they didn't do, followed by the entire planet having a near death experience, causing a prolonged period of severe, magically induced drought, to create a situation in which their system actually failed and resulted in famine.

In the real world, the agricultural revolution took place over thousands of years, and it took the Horde about ten. Now you're bitching that they weren't also able to achieve perfect autarky capable of withstanding multiple natural, unnatural disasters and years of constant war in that time.
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