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Originally Posted by Kynrind View Post
If the Night elves cutting off trade hurt the orcs so bad, then the orcs were doing something wrong in providing for themselves. In ten years, the orcs couldn't overcome that barrier (because of Blizzard, damn them), if they had, then the cessation of trade wouldn't have hurt them nearly as much as it would have.
Yeah, it's almost as though it coincided with an extended period of magical drought on their region and their region alone which was symptomatic of a problem so severe it almost caused the planet to explode.

Oh wait.

Again, you're complaining that they weren't able to achieve absolute autarky from a position in which they had absolutely nothing in less than a single generation during which they happened to be under constant duress and almost constantly being attacked.

To simply call that idea laughable is a courtesy it doesn't deserve.
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