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Originally Posted by BaronGrackle View Post
Sorry, when I said the orcs were "holding Blackrock Spire", I meant their specific section. Not the whole thing.

And it sounds like you're taking the interpretation that the orcs at Blackrock would have known about the Dark Irons further below? That's the one I like.
Ok, we know that the Dark Iron controlled the entire mountain (BRD/BRS). During the First War the Blackrock orcs came in and claimed BRS for themselves. They had to have killed the Dark Irons in order to take it. So they knew that there was Dark Iron living there.

So the timeline looks like this to me:

First War: Horde claims BRS. DI are forced back to BRD.
End of Second War: Horde is defeated, presume that the Alliance cleaned out BRS, and then left. It does allow for orcs to have remained behind in BRS and just did a good job hiding.
several months after end of SW: Rend and Main and the remaining orcs return to retake BRS from the DI.
Dark Horde and DI fight for several years over control of BRS.
2 years after SW: Nef and Onyxia arrive and stop the war by completely removing the DI from BRS and having control over to Rend. Maim is killed during this battle.

DI and DH continue to fight for years following Nef's arrival. but always to a stalemate.

Yes, but the Alliance knew that Grom's orcs existed and that they were still in hiding somewhere. If you're saying that the Alliance knew Rend/Maim were in Blackrock Mountain but didn't know exactly where, then sure! I can definitely get behind that. What I don't care for, is the idea that they were blissfully unaware of any orcs or other sentients anywhere in the Blackrock Mountain area at all.
I never said that the Alliance was blissfully aware. I'm saying that the orcs could've hidden themselves while the Alliance was going through and cleaning out any pockets that they found. They probably knew about the orcs hiding there and they defeinetly knew about the DI since the dwarves knew about them. But the Alliance didn't see the DI as big of a threat as the orcs so they ignored them.

As for Rend and Maim, it all depends on if they made a beeline straight to BRM after the Dark Portal defeat. I think so, or at least were in the area waiting for the Alliance to leave, but the lore doesn't say much except that they arrived back at BRS and were fighting the DI until Nef arrived 2 years later.
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