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Originally Posted by Kerrah View Post
I think the Night Elves appeared after the Aquir war, too.
That war is generally considered to be -16000 BDP, so my timeline assumes Night Elves existed 6000 years prior to WoTA, but that may or may not be correct.

I think at the time of WoTA, the Night Elves were the strongest civilization in Kalimdor, so their construction of an empure might coincide somewhat with the Aqir war. Will look into this further.

edit: World of Warcraft RPG has the well of eternity empowering the Kaldorei at -14000, so for all intents and purposes, the rise of the night elves was after the Aqir war. Fixed

Originally Posted by ARM3481 View Post
Thank goodness Golden handled Rise of the Horde, or it might have started with the tale of the Eredar leaders Archie and Jay being seduced by the power of the Dark Titan Gary while their close friend Lenny fled Argus to escape the corruption.

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