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Originally Posted by Omacron View Post
The Shadow Corps are remnants of Project Moebius being controlled by the Xel'naga, I believe.
Considering how many humans are involved in facilitating the creation of the Hybrid, coupled with Duran/Narud just happening to be right there when the UED showed up in Brood War, I'm getting this sneaking suspicion Amon might have screwed around with humanity's evolution independently from the other Xel'naga experiments to provide a third-party "foreign" element that could create his Hybrids by engineering a workaround to the protoss immunity to zerg assimilation.

Amon and Narud already had access to the Tal'darim and their protoss technology, yet instead they've been compelled to have terrans use their genetic research and technology to meld zerg and protoss DNA instead. It's just too damned convenient how it just so happened that the terrans showed up in the Koprulu Sector in ships deliberately filled with genetic stock possessing just the right psionic potential to prove compatible with both of the races engineered by the Xel'naga.

It's almost like the old UPL on Earth was somehow compelled to deliberately ship the exact sort of terrans Amon would need to fulfill his plans, to the exact corner of the galaxy where he would need them to be to contribute to the birth of the Hybrid. Which, considering if the Swarm had succeeded in exterminating the protoss he'd have no Hybrids, would mean that by creating the Queen of Blades the Overmind might have actually been doing exactly what Amon wanted - creating a viable human/zerg hybrid as the first step in the process of establishing human psionic potential as the medium toward merging zerg and protoss DNA.

Which, considering she was originally "tainted" by Amon's corruption (presumably inherited from the Overmind), could mean that the original Queen of Blade's repeated attempts to create more viable infested humans might have been less her own idea than even she thought - she could have unwittingly, even "reflexively" been honing the zerg end of the Hybrid development while Narud's Moebius Foundation and their Tal'darim allies worked from the other end by experimenting on protoss.

The "we'll see" sort of answer to the UED question at the SC panel just has me thinking that they might not only be back in LotV, but that they might come back on Amon's side. That there might be multiple entities like Narud out there who've been manipulating things from behind the scenes, perhaps even engineering the events on Earth that led to the colonization of the Koprulu Sector and, as it turned out, provided Amon's plans with a concentrated source of human psionic potential.

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