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Originally Posted by Siegrune View Post
This BS about Kerrigan being the hope of the universe, Overmind being compelled against his will to do evil while secretly setting up the hope, etc. made it impossible for me to take Starcraft 2 seriously at all. I'd actually say that the current state of WoW lore is way better than that of Starcraft lore, and that's saying A LOT. The Warcraft equivalent of this lore-raping, which in the context actually would make a lot more sense, would be something like Ner'zhul acting against his will due to Kil'jaden, but sacrificing himself to set up Arthas the One Hope of the Galaxy as the Lich King so that Arthas can defeat the Burning Legion and save the world. Wait, did that sound too reasonable? The best part is, Arthas becomes Human again, re-enters a romantic relationship with Jaina, and then becomes Undead again! WoW lore has long gone down the shithole but it hasn't quite reached this level of stupidity.
Yeah, that Overmind scene was stupid.

Though Tassadar's ghost does not phrase it that way, at least in his tone, it is fairly reasonable to assume that the Overmind was not saving the galaxy, it was saving the zerg. We see the hybrids devour them a short while later.

It would be like if Arthas became good again, then made himself undead again to use the Scourge to kill the Burning Legion, because Ner'zhul set it up that way because he cared for the undead.

The ending of HotS was changed a bit to make the Warcraft thematic parallels less ridiculous. In the rough draft, the zerg were like the orcs, freed from evil to find their own path... of eating everything. Now Kerrigan had them make a beeline for Amon.
^Ignored again.

Okay. It is cool.

Originally Posted by Sonneillon View Post
It'd be nice if they actually finally gave us things they cut or under utilized 10 years ago.
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