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Originally Posted by HlaaluStyle View Post
So Hermione is of African descent? JK Rowling said so, even though the text she wrote disagrees.
That's some obvious pandering bullshit she made up later on, so no. You can't say A today and B tomorrow, there's only one single original interpretation.

Even if she went and rewrote the novels retconning certain elements, the original is still there. People change, and each work is a reflection of the person you were when you wrote it, which must be respected. She's obviously not acting in good faith with what she was thinking when she first wrote it.

If I wrote a book explaining the sky is green, I can't go on and say later that "I meant it was blue". That's dishonest. I can say "I believed that earlier because reasons, but now I have a different opinion".

Originally Posted by Slowpokeking View Post
JK Rowling can do whatever with her creation, she might not be able to decide the adaptation though.
Ideally, an adaptation should follow the original, but there's no reason why they can't go their own way, as long as they respect the core (else they won't be the same thing anymore). The original will still be best, though.

Originally Posted by Krainz View Post
My main criticism towards Death of the Author is regarding unsolved plot threads after the end of a work.

Post-work stuff, like expanded universes and new interpretations are part of a different issue than Death of the Author, in my opinion.
There's a lot of creator dishonesty here, too.

If you originally wrote a cliffhanger with no idea on how to solve it, you must be honest about it, and not try to adapt older work to some halfassed idea you pulled to fill in the holes.

The right approach is to not sell smoke, and to avoid those kind of situations which almost always lead to either disappointments, or fanservice.

Originally Posted by Anansi View Post
*Cracks knuckles* Arright, let's get this party started.

What do you suppose is the fundamental difference between a folded trash can and, say, the Mona Lisa?
Art is intent, craft, and uniqueness.

Intent = You did what you did on purpose. Random splattering of paint over a canvas is not art, it's a random splattering of paint. In the same way, nature is not art, because it's natural. You can work with randomness to create something, adapting to it and using it as an element (like using a said random splattering as a background), but randomness itself is not a creation.

Craft = Work, hard and requiring skills. There's artisan value on art, you can tell the artist worked hard on it, and grew as an artist, learning valuable lessons. There is a technique, and you can analyze it. Art is not perfect. There's beauty in the craft too. That's why a car or any mechanical device is more art than modern art.

Uniqueness = There's one and only one. If there are any copies, they were made manually, and thus are not the same. Something produced in a factory is not art, because it's not unique. The elements on it must be unique too, and if not, used in an unique manner.

An artist copying another is art, even if it's not original. A novice artist doing bad art is still art as well, as long as he worked hard on it with whatever minimum skills he had at the moment. Bad/Average/Simplistic art is still art.

Art is not about "hidden messages" and bullshit like that. Art does not need to be explained, unless it's intricate and the explanation itself is part of it (and still, said intricacy should be admirable on its own with no explanation whatsoever). If the value of your art lies in some kind of metaphysical explanation, it probably fails the whole 3 points above.

Just my opinion, of course.

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