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Ultimate Warcraft

Pre War1:

To start off the humans are much more viking like, they are much more like Vrykul and worship the Watchers. They know of the Titans somewhat, and consider all races not formed from the Titans as enemies. Odyn, Tyr, etc. They praise strength. The church of holy light is the Church of Tyr, they have had Paladins for generations. Humans learned magic not from the elves through diplomacy but through interrogation. Dalaran is a prison type fortress city where humans steal magic from the elves. Though friends with the dwarves and gnomes, they take Trolls as slaves and raid elves to steal their magic. There is also less kingdoms. The kingdom of Strom still exists, held together so the humans can stand up to the elves, which encompasses all the northern kingdoms except Kul'Tiras and Gilneas which has already built their wall, and shut themselves off. Kul'Tiras is more of a pirate nation, with Daelin Proudmore as the Pirate King.

Elves of Silvermoon are a powerhouse. They study all kinds of magic, including fel and shadow. They don't consider the humans a threat or even on their level, and they have been trying to find a way to overpower the Legion in case they return for 10,000 years. They summon demons and steal their magic and study them. They know and understand the void, light and fel, as well as have full mastery of the arcane.

Orcs background remains much of the same, they are already pretty metal.

Warcraft 1 and 2:

Orcs enter Azeroth and take Stormwind, no humans escape though. The strongest are taken prisoner. Anduin Lothar and Prince Varian are taken captive and trained to be Gladiators for Orc Amusement. Thrall is about the same age as Varian, a child when the orcs first invade. After Gul'dan has the Frostwolves killed and hunted he takes Thrall as his slave. He lives in the same cell as Anduin Lothar and Varian and trains alongside Varian to become a Gladiator while also learning from Anduin Lothar. Doomhammer is also a frostwolf gladiator who was taken when Durotan was killed. Drek'thar also survives and is housed with the slaves.

The Orcs fortify the kingdom of Stormwind not heading north immediately. Instead they head south first, they defeat the the Trolls of Stranglethorn, and Gul'dan takes Hakkar captive and harvests his blood to create new horde berserkers. Blackhand is truly brutal making all the trolls fight each other to the death for the right to join the Horde.

Anduin and Doomhammer end up leading a slave uprising Spartacus style and escape along with Drek'thar, Varian and Thrall and head north.

They make it to Ironforge, where the Dwarves are skeptical of what they say, but after meeting the handful of still remaining Frostwolves, and seeing what Doomhammer does against their best warriors, they begin to prepare for the Horde and reach out for help, though they don't get much of an answer. The Horde then make their move, storming Khaz Modan and forcing the Dwarves to hole up in their mountain fortresses. Realizing the the dwarves won't be able to hold out forever Anduin and gang head north to the kingdom of Strom. During this time Drek'thar begins to hear the elements again, and notices Thrall's potential. Upon reaching the Arathi Highlands, Anduin and Varian go to Stromgarde with Doomhammer, while the other few remaining orcs go into the wilderness to reconnect with the elements.

Turns out Lothar's family was outed a few generations by the Trollbane clan in ritual combat for the right to be king, which is why his family left to found Stormwind. Anduin challenges Thoras for the right to be king and wins, making him the new king of the kingdom of Strom. He rallies all the forces of the north to Arathi were they make a 300 type stand at Thandol Span, mostly with their elite Paladins. They manage to hold the Horde, but quickly start to become overwhelmed. Doomhammer shows up with Drek'thar and Thrall and seeks out Blackhand who he defeats in combat. He then claims the Horde as his own and has Drek'thar remind them of the power of the elements they abandoned using it to destroy the Thandol Span and end the battle.

Doomhammer tries to get the Horde to return south and live off the land they claimed to the south like the old days. But Gul'dan disagrees and alongside Grom, Cho'gall, Kargath, and Zuluhed decides that this world is his. Zuluhed claims Alexstrasza and her dragons. while Cho'gall discovers the power of the Old Gods on Azeroth. Gul'dan completely drains Hakkar of life and uses it to transform Grom and the Warsong into something like fel orcs, Gul'dan then uses the demon soul to ride Alexstrasza herself north, he burns Stromgarde to the ground with his dragons then heads north to Silvermoon. Seeking the Sunwell, he takes his dragon army around Silvermoon forest and straight to Quel'danas. Claiming it for his own, he then uses the power of the Sunwell to create portals through Silvermoon letting Grom and his newly hulked out Horde into the city. Meanwhile, Cho'gall has found the fallen corpses of the Old Gods greatest generals buried in Tirisfal Glade. He reanimates them and quickly uses them to lay seige to Lorderon. Within days the Horde destroys the majority of the Northern Kingdoms.

The humans end up having to flee across the ocean to Kalimdor with only the kingdoms of Gilneas and Kul'Tiras still standing. They land in Durotar and duskwallow and begin to rebuild.

Meanwhile the Horde has pretty much taken over the Eastern Kingdom, enslaving the remaining elves and humans. Kael'thas still leaves and leads a band of powerful elite elves. He sees that the Horde uses the tools of the Burning Legion and seeks out help to slay them. He leads his people to Kalimdor in search of the one called Illidan Stormrage. Him and his warriors fight and end up freeing Illidan Stormrage who he asks for help against this new threat to Azeroth.

Meanwhile Gul'dan is using the Sunwell to bring the Legion into Azeroth. Kael'thas and Illidan end up showing up and stop Gul'dan and close the portals, Illidan ends up claiming Gul'dans soul and power as his own becoming the winged demon he is now. The elves reclaim Silvermoon, but they discover the Legion is planning a massive invasion and Kael'thas begins having Illidan train Demon Hunters. The dragonmaw and warsong are defeated, Kael'thas takes the Demon Soul which his uses for himself, creating a red dragon army for the Elves. Illidan convinces Kael'thas to spare Grom and his warsong to use a weapons again the Legion. Using fel magic he is able to enslave any orcs that drank Mannaroth's blood.

Illidan then uses them to fight back Cho'gall and send the Twilight's hammer fleeing, clearing the northern kingdoms of the remaining Horde.

End of Warcraft 2 status quo:

During the 20 years between 2 and 3,

Humans have settle on Kalimdor, creating a powerful kingdom the encompasses the land from Azshara to Tanaris. They have been at odds with the Tauren and Night Elves, and wipe the Razormane out. Dalaran has been moved to Thousand needles and has discovered Un'goro and Uldum. Theramore has become the new capital, ruled by Anduin Lothar with Varian Wyrnn named as his heir. They know the Horde is likely to return and have been preparing for war for 20 years.

Doomhammer lead his people back south and they have begun to redabble in the elements. Blackrock Mountain has become a shamanistic stronghold with a sect of Ragnaros worshippers. Drek'thar and Thrall have discovered Karazhan, who study it along their troll allies to learn more about what happened to cure their demon blooded brothers under Illidan's control. The trolls return to Stranglethorne, but remain part of the Horde.

The elves of Silvermoon have reclaimed their land completely and are preparing to fight the Legion. Illidan is training demon hunters and Kael'thas has begun seeking more power to use in the fight.

I could keep going, but I guess that's how I would start it out.
Pre-Warcraft 3

20 years have passed since the end of Warcraft 2.

During the 20 years:


Doomhammer has taken control of the Horde on the Eastern Kingdoms. He has begun to raise Thrall as his own son. They reclaim the power of the elements, Doomhammer builds his capital city in Arathi and his shaman bring the elements together there to create a new Throne of the Elements aka sacred place to continue the ancient orcish celebration/ritual of Kosh'harg. The Amani and Gurubashi empires begin to work together again as members of this new Horde. The trolls and orc shaman have been studying Karazhan for many years starting up a new Horde mage sect.

It took Doomhammer nearly 10 years to finish the Seige of Ironforge. The Dark Iron dwarves of Blackrock joined the Horde and gave them a back entrance into the city. The surviving Dwarves and Gnomes were taken as slaves and forced to build War Machines for the Horde.

Illidan has amassed a powerful Demon Hunter army in Silvermoon and has been attacking demon worlds with Grom and the fel infused Warsong. Kael'thas still has the demon soul and has had control of the Red Dragonflight the whole time. Overall they have ignored the rest of the world, as Quel'thalas has grown to powerful for any other nation to attack.


The Humans have at this point fully settled in Kalimdor. Anduin Lothar settled Durotar and built New Stormwind were Orgimmar would have stood, he grows old now and Prince Varian Wyrnn stands ready to take the throne. King Arthas Menethil rules Theramore in Duskwallow Marsh alongside his queen Jaina. Thoras Trollbane leads the 3rd kingdom, New Strom in what is Thousand Needles. New Dalaran is built on the biggest rise in 1000 needles. The dwarves and gnomes that came with the humans reside in southern barrens.

The humans have hired the Goblins to help them build a new kingdom as well. This has allowed the dwarves, gnomes, and goblins to work together and build a powerful Alliance war machine of airships and tanks. The southern barrens and 1000 needles are heavy mined and industralized, with the razormane wiped out during a war. The mages of Dalaran and dwarves have begun investigating Un'goro and Uldum, unlocking Titan tech and magic.

The Night Elves do not take kindly to the Alliance and their destructive ways in Durotar, Barrens and 1000 Needles. They have held the humans from taking Feralas and Ashenvale, but with added pressure of the new Alliance Tech they have had to ally with the Tauren and Furbolg to keep them at bay.

Meanwhile Cho'gall has begun to commune with the Old Gods, he has began to work alongside Deathwing and N'zoth to bring forth the Hour of Twilight. He has begun to bring the Old Gods back into power. He ventured into Silithus and brought C'thun back to life. Then he went to Northrend and freed Yogg'Saron. He has remained in Northrend under the Old God's wishes to aid them in an upcoming war.
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