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Warcraft 3 time

1 year prior:

For 20 years Illidan has been leading the armies of Silvermoon in Guerilla war style missions against the Burning Legion. This has made him target number 1 of Sargeras and Kil'jaeden.

Using the power of the Sunwell, Staff of Sargeras, Book of Medivh and the Demon Soul, they have been able to create portals to countless demon worlds and kept the Legion from counter attacking. Growing arrogant Illidan decides to attack the Dreadlord home world. This time though Kil'Jaeden is ready. During the attack Illidan comes face to face with Kil"jaeden although Illidan escapes, Kil'jaeden slays the majority of his forces and gains control of the portals and has his forces begin to assault Silvermoon. Although they manage to hold back the Legion forces and close the portals, this was a major blow to Illidan and Kael'thas's armies and will require much work to rebuild.

During this attack Kil'jaeden makes a discovery, that the portal linking Azeroth and Draenor is still open in the Blasted Lands. Over the years Ner'zhul and the shaman has been trying to restore life to the dying world. The few orcs that didn't cross over to Azeroth are now lead by the Earthen Ring. The council is split though in their ways of restoring the planet. Ner'zhul and Zuluhed believe using knowledge gained by the warlocks their magics can grant them new abilities and 'force" the elements into cleansing the land.

Kil'Jaeden makes a play for Draenor and brings the force of the Legion into their world. The forces of Draenor are no longer strong enough to resist, and they fall to the Legion. In a final bid of hope, Ner'zhul calls out to the void asking for help. With his new power he is able to reanimate the fallen Horde army into an undead force that temporarily beats back the Legion. Kil"jaeden notices his power and captures him and begins to transform him into his weapon for taking over Azeroth. The Lich King.

The few surviving Draenei lead by Velen recognize the Legion and use the distraction to escape into Azeroth using the portal before Kil'Jaeden seizes control of it.

Velen upon entering Azeroth decides he must reach out to its leaders to warn them of the Legion. Much like Medivh his goes to warn the leaders only to be turned away.

Meanwhile Kil'Jaeden sends Ner'zhul to Northrend to begin creating the scourge.

A year later. Doomhammer receives reports of demons in the south and sends Kargath and the Shattered Hand to investigate. They find the Legion now controls the portal and only a few escape to let Doomhammer know. He calls upon the full might of the Horde to fight back.

Meanwhile, Yogg'Saron senses Ner'zhul presence and commands Cho'gall to assemble his forces and head to Azjol'Nerub fight the War of Spiders. This time Ner'zhul loses the War and Cho'gall and the Nerubians take the frozen throne. Using a powerful Old God ritual, Cho'gall summons the power of the void and Old Gods corrupting Ner'zhul and transforming him into Yogg'Saron's Lieutenant and champion of the Old Gods. The scourge now fights for the Void. With a shadowy power up the Lich King is more powerful than ever before. Cho'gall brings the remains of his soon to be first Lich, Gul'dan.

Doomhammer amasses the full might of the Horde and begins his march on the Blast Lands. At first the appear to be beating the Legion back to the Portal, but are soon pushed back due to overwhelming reinforcements coming from the Portal. The begin to fall back to Blackrock Mountain. There's a powerful Orc shaman known as Nel'thar(Deathwing in disguise) leader of a orcish shaman cult at Blackrock that worships Ragnaros offers a chance to beat back the Legion. Using the power of the shaman in the mountain they summon Ragnaros, causing the Mountain to erupt wiping out almost half of the Horde forces but stopping the Legion advance. Ragnaros and his elemental army fights back the Legion all the way to the portal and destroys it.

Although the Horde should be celebrating a victory, a dark shadow looms over his people. That night while his people are gathered and celebrating they begin to be attacked by undead orcs. The orcs are almost over run and flee to Zul'Gurub. There they are able to maintain a defensive, at least for a short time. The gates fall when a great dragon, Deathwing self proclaimed Aspect of Death destroys the city gates letting the scourge in. Most of the Horde falls with the survivors fleeing north by ship, head back to Arathi. During this time the dwarven and gnomish slaves in Khaz'modan revolt and escape in ships and head to Kalimdor.

During this time the Undead begin to ravage all of Azeroth.

The human kingdoms in Kalimdor have begun to go to war against the Night Elves and Tauren. A Great battle takes place on the Barrens, with the Alliance Airships beginning an assault on Thunder Bluff, when the Undead begin to rise and attack both sides. The Tauren and Elves retreat to their bluffs and trees while the Alliance falls back to their castles. Each believes the other is responsible for this undead plague.

The dwarves and gnomes arrive in Theramore following their exodus from the Eastern Kingdoms and share word of what has happened. The Kings of the Alliance are summoned to New Dalaran. There the wizards who have been studying Un'goro and Uldum begin to tell them about the stories they have uncovered of the Titans and the Old Gods and that the void energies powering the undead are the same as the Old Gods. They also believe the Silithus was an Old God stronghold and that signs of their power have begun to taint the area. The meeting is interrupted by the announcement that Feralas has fallen and that the Az'qir and Sithilid have overran it and they are head their way. Velen appears and says offers a warning saying only by working together can their world survive. He is mostly chased off, but some listen to him.

Anduin Lothar has his top Generals, Turalyon and Khadgar lead what forces he can spare in the defense of 1000 Needles, asking the dwarves, gnomes, and goblins for their aid in creating anti-seige weapons and defenses. Lothar returns to New Stormwind where he has Varian and Bolvar prepare the city for another seige. Meanwhile Jaina believes Velen that only through all the races creating an Alliance can this dark army be stopped. She convinces her husband Arthas to ride into the Night Elf lands and talk peace. Arthas gathers up his best knights to ride with him, Uther, Tirion, and Mograinne. The group takes an airship north towards Hyjal. They are attacked by Green dragons and taken the prisoner of Ysera. She tells them of her visions and that she dreamed of them uniting the world. She calls upon the Night Elf and Tauren leadership to meet with them at her lair. Arthas manages to convince the Night Elves into an Alliance with the help of Jaina and the Paladins. Cairne, Malfurion and Tyrande agree, but Staghelm and Magatha Grimtotem is against the Alliance. Ysera also pledges her dragonflight to the Alliance. Arthas and gang return to New Stormwind to let Lothar know the news. He accepts although is untrusting of their new allies. The Alliance then assembles on the edge of Feralas to fight back. They drive them back out of Feralas, but meanwhile Cho'gall meets with the Grimtotem and Staghelm in Dire Maul and persuades them to join his side.

Meanwhile Doomhammer and the remaining Horde have fled north trying to escape the Old God forces of Deathwing and Ragnaros and the undead to the south. They are forced all the way north to the elven lands were they ask for their help. Kael'thas agrees as long as they kneel and join his current orc armies lead by Grom Hellscream. Thrall refuses as he claims the elements tell him that they are no better than the Legion with their demonic magics. Kargath and Kilrogg both kneel, but Thrall leads the Frostwolves and a few others east, fleeing by ship to find another way. Doomhammer stays with a heavy heart and pledges the Horde to Illidan and Kael'thas, under the condition that Illidan will not corrupt his orcs into fel orcs.

Illidan tells Doomhammer that the war they now face has been in the making for thousands of years. That Azeroth is the final battle ground of the Void and the Legion. The Legion's primary goal is to burn away the Void's corruption, while the Void seeks to corrupt all they can before the Legion can do that, etc etc. The best way to deal with the Void's corruption is to burn it away.

The new Horde then heads south to put an end to Deathwing's army. With the power of the Demon Soul Kael'thas rides Alexstrasza against Deathwing and almost kills him. Meanwhile Illidan and the Horde shaman manage to bind and control Ragnaros while defeating the Old God/Undead army.

Meanwhile the Alliance of Green Dragons, Humans, Night Elves, Tauren, Gnomes, Dwarves, and Goblins fight back C'thun's forces. Eventually killing C'thun.

Realizing the source of this corruption of undeath is coming from Northrend both armies prepare to head North were Yogg'Saron, The Lich King, and Cho'gall await. Lothar, Malfurion and Arthas leading the Alliance armies, with Illidan, Kael'thas, and Doomhammer leading the Horde.

To be continued.

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