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Originally Posted by Marthen View Post
Meh, we both know that elementalism should be reserved to mages and shaman should be spiritual to necromantic.
Bridge of Bones, baby.

Originally Posted by Cacofonix View Post
Did WC3 make anything better? I mean, I can't say the Alliance became more respectable when every important member was Arthas, some other villain (and not a respectable one), doomed to failure for not doing what a magical homeless man says, a cowardly Paladin, or a traitor.
Some of the unit/building descriptions in the WC3 manual are groundbreaking. (And some are travesties.)

If I want to get a feel for Thrall's innovation in transforming the Horde, I go straight to the descriptions for Burrow, War Mill, Altar of Storms, Blademaster, Catapult, Grunt, and parts of Raider. It helps if you read the thing with a tone of pro-Thrallic propaganda, of course.

Take that over Golden, even LotC.
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