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Default Story development for Saurfang, Tyrande, and Vol’jin (Possible Spoilers)

8.1 promises to advance the story for Saurfang, Tyrande, and Vol’jin. So what do you think will happen to these 3? What do you want to happen?

-Saurfang will need to get out of prison. Will we be rescuing him as Horde players? I think not. A rehash of that stockades scenario just to pick him up when he refused our rescue last time sounds rather dull. So as Alliance players will we be watching him escape? I’m sure that will be a most enjoyable experience for Alliance players :p. Anduin just letting him go will please no one. Saurfang could defect. That would piss me off, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. I’d say the ideal way to do it is a Horde Flashback scenario where we play as Saurfang as he cleaves his way out of Stormwind. From there, does he start gathering support for a coup? Fall back in line to defeat Sylvanas? Challenge her to a Mak’Gora? Go back to Outland to get Thrall?

Tyrande: I imagine we’re looking at a story of Vengeance. I imagine that’s what Night Elf fans want. I wonder if it will be tied more to Warfront, or perhaps to some other front. I’ll admit I’d love to see her meet the Lun’alai Druids in Zuldazar, or perhaps interact more with her hometown of Suramar. Will she establish a new home for the Night Elves?

Vol’jin: somehow we get from “where be Vol’jin?” to golden Vol’jin prepping Queen Talanji for a speech . How do we get there? Will we find out more about Bwonsamdi’s boss?
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