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My two cents:

Saurfang will be a neutral storyline, available for both factions. I don't think he will escape prison, but instead we will somehow explore his past history (Alliance may interrogate him, Horde may relive his past in some shamanic way). Flashbacks of the original wars? Exploring what the Horde was, is and can be? There's a lot of potential there.

Tyrande, I'm hoping it's about the future of the night elves, not just vengeance. We will have the Darkshore battlefront to show night elves being fierce, so instead turn Tyrande into a real leader caring for her people, make her seek different night elf factions, try to bring them together for survival, set up things so the race can survive its current crisis.

I'm sure Vol'jin's story is pretty much the one that has been datamined: exploring his past and then becoming a Loa.
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