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Originally Posted by Deicide View Post
Tyrande, I'm hoping it's about the future of the night elves, not just vengeance. We will have the Darkshore battlefront to show night elves being fierce, so instead turn Tyrande into a real leader caring for her people
The problem I have with this is that it implies the battle for Darkshore will just be a token effort moment of cool without any meaningful impact in favor of the elves, other than polishing that warrior image for a fleeting moment. The very definition of that hollow, pointless vengeance you rightly express dislike toward.
Meanwhile, having the survivors elsewhere basically resign into not trying to return home, however practical that might seem, will only further undermine the war effort and it's apparent intent, adding insult to injury. And you can't tell me, with the timing being what it is, that it's just a temporary regrouping, because that's what the existing refugees are for narratively demonstrating. Anyone who's been around and paying attention knows that any kind of setting up shop beyond that will have nothing temporary about it no matter what they say for the time being.

Any developer who thinks that's what someone like me wants to see is well and truly missing the point of it all. Once again.

But, that's just me and my Kalimdor-or-nothing stance speaking.

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