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Originally Posted by Menel'dirion View Post
Idea that popped into my head, what if Tyrande meets the Banshee/Dark Ranger of Summermoon? At the end of Elegy Summermoon was not ready to rest in peace. Tyrande could come face to face with hard questions about why she wasn’t there, why she left with Mal’furion, but even if she isn’t at fault with any of that, more importantly, what is she going to do now. She could join Summermoon in a quest for vengeance. She could focus on building a new home. She could find balance between the two.

Mainly, I want to see Summermoon become a bigger character.
I would like this as well. I don't want her to become undead and suddenly start serving the Forsaken like I've been reading elsewhere. It's a retarded idea, and very simpleminded when there's clear examples that Alliance accept undead members like the Death Knights for example.
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