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Do recall that Banshees are not just a Scourge thing, they existed in the past and were primarily spirits of brutalized night elf women from the War of the Ancients. Scourge just empowered them and let them take their resentment out on the living. Ofc then a big contingent of new she elf spirits was added when the Scourge sacked QT, and they obv. became the main face of the banshees. and a number of human women too. (Interesting how it seems only women of pretty races get to come back as banshees ).

Anyway point is Delaryn could have been one of these selfmade banshees. She and a few of her fellow sentinels who were extremely bitter could have risen, perhaps reposessed their bodies like Sylvanas did and became the Forsaken's Forsaken. Rallying other undead wronged by Sylvanas to claim vengeance, finally driving Sylvanas' story full circle.

But ofc. that is mostly a pipedream since the raised night elves seem to have fallen in with Sylvanas well enough. Delaryn and Sira both were extremely bitter as they died, I would say unreasonably bitter but then again I was never killed while literally abandoned by God and Jesus (Elune and Tyrande) So while them turning on their own is not the most plausible scenario, and definitely not a satisfying one, I can buy it, barely.
Ofc Sira does leave a cryptic "we have our reasons for joining Sylvanas" comment which might imply a backstab down the road. Same as Voss and Garona might be working with the Uncrowned still to assassinate Sylvanas.
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