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I do have to wonder where exactly they are going with this whole night warrior business. Seems to me that all the effort put into the alliance side quest and the whole scenario in general, as exemplified in some of the new art assets from Tyrande's new looks to the skybox and lighting - it all comes across as trying just a little too hard to impress night elf fans and give them something to work up hopes for. As if the writers already know that this is all they're going to put forth in that direction, so better make their one shot count by making it all at least seem very impressive.

The real question is, why does Tyrande having some kind of a new power matter? What is she going to do with it that we can actually believe to be a plausible future? Because if this is supposed dazzle and give us hope and faith that the elves might have a say in their future after all, with the characters turned forsaken coming across as a heavy-handed commentary on those fans who've lost that faith, then it's not working. I don't believe in them securing a meaningful spot on the world map in a reasonable timeframe any more than I did before seeing these previews. I think what we're going to see in the upcoming patch with this little story and the opened warfront is supposed to be that spot and that'll be all she wrote for a very very long time, topped off by losing and retreating in the end after all.

A for effort to the elves who announced to Anduin that they're going, with or without his help, I guess. At least that part is exactly what it should be, provided that I understood that bit correctly from the summary of a youtube video I saw and learned about this whole thing from.

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