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Originally Posted by Lord Grimtale View Post
It all just feels like a halfhearted attempt and more of the usual telling instead of showing issue we've come to expect from Blizzard. Because while it's cool to hear Tyrande say "I am the vengeance of Elune" or "No mercy" we rarely are seeing her actually put action to those words.

I think they could make this Night Warrior concept cool with three simple things:
-Give the Warfront armor some recolors that reflect the Night Warrior aesthetic.
-Have Tyrande actually destroy that base full of Forsaken instead of just freezing them and peacing out because that's no different than imprisoning them.
-Show more powers that actually look like something Tyrande is drawing from the Night Warrior aspect. Her spells still look too much like Balance Druid shit, I was hoping for a type of shadow magic that isn't explicitly void, but more of the kind of shadowy magic that Wardens use. Right now all we've seen her do is use magic to cloak everything in darkness, which doesn't really sound offensive so much as a utility ability. If this is a more offensive aspect of Elune then I want to see actual offensive magic being used.
The way I see it, the darkness stuff is actually a fairly nice and thematically fitting way to do something that's visible and obvious to the player without portraying a warrior priestess and the martially focused people she's a figurehead of in an overly magical manner. I for one appreciate that. It's not really the writer's fault that they're working with a game engine that pretty much inevitably will make that come across as a clunkier and less impressive tactical advantage than a decent author with a couple paragraphs of prose could.

My larger point being, I don't really have a problem with the visual presentation or the dialogue we've seen so far. It's more that the timing for something like this seems wrong. Had they done this toward the expected end of a warfront storyline, it'd be much easier to buy it as a decisive development to resolve an ongoing conflict in favor of the elves, giving them some kind of a meaningful victory that actually sticks.
What we're getting instead seems like a somewhat rushed attempt to quiet down the crowd that's been wondering out loud whether the civilization that pretty much got burned down is going to get a word in amidst the flurry of cinematics and other content featuring pretty much everyone but the elves themselves reacting to that event. This of course implies that pretty much nobody at this time has any f*ing clue if they're even doing anything with this night warrior thing, besides letting it be a momentary hurrah for some retribution.

Which ironically enough, according to popular opinion I've heard so far, immediately gets undermined to the point of completely unconvincing due to how the quest ends from what we've seen so far.
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