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Originally Posted by Marthen View Post
There are three principal differences I can think of;

1) The structure of their settlements and living.

Like I explained above, in Reign of Chaos, Night Elf settlements were primarily made of ancients and structures of living wood and stone, with trees of life/ages/eternity standing at their center, providing a link between the community and the World Tree. It's mentioned in the manual, it's mentioned in Enemies at the Gate. Furthermore, each time we see a night elf settlement called village in Reign of Chaos, like the Shadowleaf settlement in Daughters of the Moon, it is made of ancients and living structures.

On the other hand, the first night elf mission of The Frozen Throne shows us a completely different image. There are villages that look very similar to night elf villages, only night elf styled (the models are technically reskinned high elf RoC models), there are no ancients, no moon wells, and when such settlements appear, they are only called bases.

2. The existence of non-combatants.

While not explicit in the game itself, it's rather implied there are no non-combatant (you could also say civilian, but that term might not be precise, depends) night elves, and it is straight out confirmed in the Reight on Chaos artbook. The males are the druids, the females are the warriors.

On the other hand, in The Frozen Throne, we can see non-combatant villagers in those high elf-esque villages.

3. The stance towards magic.

In Reign of Chaos, we can see the night elves having a very, very negative stance towards magic and being distrustful of the high elves, to the point that the early RPG described them as hateful towards it and early promotional material described their negative feelings towards Arcane and the high elves as the main reason for their negative stance to the Alliance.

Now, compare that with The Frozen Throne. Not only are they much more tolerant of both, Tyrande even speaks to Kael, who according to the manual wields magic similar to demonic, as if he were her longtime friend. That's a stark difference in characterization.
Granted, the early RPG also more or less conflated Arcane Magic with Demon Worship. Fel and Arcane were more or less the same thing. RoC kinda implied that as well. Perhaps it’s a matter of two sides of the same coin.
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